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Whatever security practice issues might be there on the actual OS would be the lack of publishing CVE issues on pure Mint packages. Do not know if this is off topic, just wondering. I am on Manjaro, and if I just use the package manager to download programs, is there programs that can be download that are malware or major security problems. The wording is not coming out the way I would like it. If you only get programs for the package manager and aur, are you safe from malware and other problems, or is there still programs that are a problem.

If you only use the default repositories very unlikely. The distro devs should make sure that these are fully clean.

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If you have added your own repositories then depends on how much you trust the people that maintain the said repositories EDIT: Of cource nothing is full proof. But the only way to get malware from the official repos would be is someone directly managing to infect the distro official servers Everything you said is entirely accurate. That still means some people may have downloaded a compromised ISO. I do think they have work to do in a few places, but that doesnt meant its not a decent OS, people like Arch, and its just as bad in certain areas I could argue its security is worse.

Well if you have not notice anything specific it is highly unlikely you have an issue. But any antivurus program that you trust and has a linux version would do I am afraid i have not used an antivirus program in Linux for years so i cannot suggest anything specific that is recent. Maybe someone else here has any suggestions? Antivirus isn't the most effective things against malware. It generally only detects known common threats.

The issue with Arch based distros is theres only around official packages, the rest are made by the community, and although there is a trust based system around who can add packages to the community repos im unsure if they do any other formal testing at all. You then have the aur which is inherently untrustworthy as it doesnt take much to get packages on there, its why your told your suposed to be told to check the pkgbuild before using it.

Arch has made steps to improve this, packages can now be signed ensuring it comes from a specific owner, but aur packages arent binary so you cant always know, it depends where they pull the source from and what the package build does. In general though i've not heard any any major issues with Arch in regards to security incidents. Tech News. Security Linux. Everything you could possibly need to get started with the latest version of Ubuntu is right here, written in easy-to-understand, plain English.

The desktop team at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, says it wants to focus development on the parts of the experience that people care about.

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Does this matter? This is an issue where the general response among users ranges from ambivalence to moral indignation. In a message to the Ubuntu developer mailing list , Ubuntu desktop team director Will Cooke said the information gathered will include the following:. Ubuntu would also install Popularity Contest popcon , a background tool that monitors which packages you install on your computer.

This way the team can see what software people care most about. Apport , a separate tool, will automatically send reports when applications crash. You will have the option to opt out during the installation process and via system settings. Windows 10 is watching you.

How to Remove the Amazon Application From Ubuntu

Microsoft's latest operating system is undoubtedly harvesting more of your personal information than ever before. We'll show you how to get a better grip on your privacy. Read More. Such information gathering is also part of what separates Google Chrome from its open source foundation, Chromium. Companies typically provide the kind of rationale that Will Cooke, speaking on behalf of Canonical, has provided. Unless you read our list of the best Linux operating systems for gaming, Raspberry Pi, and more.

People are welcome to download Linux as often as they want, as many times as they want.

On the other hand, Ubuntu says it will make the data it collects public. People collect data to learn more about something, or someone, than they knew before. If information about you is being assembled, that means something that was known only to you is now known to someone else though Canonical says the data it will collect will be anonymous. However innocuous, that leaves some of us feeling squeamish.

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Avoiding that kind of intrusion is part of what motivates some people to use Linux in the first place. Once data is collected, it has to be managed responsibly. The Ubuntu desktop team likely will use the information to do precisely what it says it will.

But it could do more. There are hundreds of Linux operating systems distributions but you're probably using Ubuntu. Here's why you might want to switch to one of the Ubuntu alternatives. This is difficult question for software designers. However, you run the risk of leaving users feeling uncomfortable and distrustful.

Ubuntu has been around since Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things.


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